Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Video of the Week: Entertainment Tonight Celebrates 30 Years of The Flintstones

 Hey, everyone. I apologize for the lack of posts this past week, as work has been kind of hectic lately. However, I'm back for now, and with an all-new video to showcase. For this week, I bring you a segment from a 1991 airing of Entertainment Tonight all about The Flintstones and its 30th anniversary. Included in this video are interviews with Joe Barbera, Bill Hanna, original Wilma voice Jean Vander Pyl, and Henry Corden, Fred's voice actor following the passing of Alan Reed. A pretty fun segment, and it's great to see how quickly Corden and Vander Pyl get into character as Fred and Wilma respectively. And before anyone points it out, yes, The Flintstones debuted in 1960, so technically 1990 would've been the 30th anniversary. I have no idea why the decision was made to celebrate it in '91 instead, but maybe one of my readers does!


  1. 1990 was kind of crowded with high profile animation anniversaries, with Tom & Jerry, Fantasia and, most prominently, Bugs Bunny all turning 50, so maybe they thought waiting until 1991 would give Fred and co some breathing space?

  2. I thought it was possible that the poster of the video simply erred on the year, but I looked up the VHS tape that was mentioned, and it was indeed released in '91. You're right, it is odd.

    I was amazed that almost four minutes of airtime was devoted to this segment, but as mentioned by Tesh, this was the weekend edition of ET, which ran for an hour and was therefore able to delve a little deeper into their stories. Misspellings and a few factual quibbles aside, I thought this was an impressive effort, especially for the era.

    Leeza Gibbons!--Oh man, I used to have the hots for her.